06 mai 2007

Ny jobb?

En stillingsannonse begynner slik:
Jane Street Capital is a proprietary trading firm that operates around the clock and around the world. We bring a deep understanding of trading, a scientific approach, and innovative technology to bear on the problem of trading profitably on the world's highly-competitive financial markets. We run a small, nimble operation where technology and trading are tightly integrated.
Gjesp. Men så kommer vi til kvalifikasjonene for å jobbe der:
* A commitment to the practical. One of the big attractions of our work is the opportunity to apply serious ideas to real-world problems.
* Experience with functional programming languages (OCaml, SML, Scheme, Haskell, Lisp, F#, Erlang, etc) is important. Applicants should also have experience with UNIX and a deep understanding of computers and technology.
* A strong mathematical background. This is a must for candidates interested in research, and includes a good understanding of probability and statistics, calculus, algorithms, etc. We draw on ideas from everywhere we can, so we value interest and experience in a range of scientific fields.
* Good second-order knowledge. In trading, understanding the boundary between what you do and don't know is as (or more) important than how much you know.
Skal vi se....Java....nei. Noen som tror Java og .NET får plass i "etc" der i gården....ikke det heller nei.
Dersom linken nedenfor ikke skulle fungere har jeg en kopi her.