Sunday, August 07, 2005


Hvorfor kan man ikke skifte batteri i en Apple iPod? Her er en teori jeg tror på
My theory is that it's because Apple didn't want to mar the otherwise perfectly smooth, seamless surface of their beautiful, sexy iPod with one of those ghastly battery covers you see on other cheapo consumer crap, with the little latches that are always breaking and the seams that fill up with pocket lint and all that general yuckiness. The iPod is the most seamless piece of consumer electronics I have ever seen. It's beautiful. It feels beautiful, like a smooth river stone. One battery latch can blow the whole river stone effect.
Dersom du tror at samfunnet kunne ha godt av å sette pris på de beste andre steder enn bare på idrettsbanen vil du like Hitting the High Notes av Joel Spolsky; følg linken.